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The AES Basic fills a gap in the market

Our unique system with patent offers a solution for caravan and motorhome owners with permanently installed fresh water tanks. It effectively prevents germs from forming in the water pipes when the vehicle is parked for long periods and protects against frost damage in winter. The water pipes can be drained simply by pressing a button.

There is no comparable solution on the market. Become our partner and offer your customers this innovative product that fills a gap in the market.

Effective pipe drying

Dry drinking water pipes at the touch of a button. Our AES Basic effectively drains the remaining water in the pipes and thus ensures a reduction in germs.

Simple retrofitting

Uncomplicated retrofitting for any camping vehicle. Our product is compatible with all caravans and motorhomes and can be installed effortlessly, whether with the self-installation kit or by us.

Convenient emptying

Convenient draining of the water pipes. You can drain the drinking water pipes effortlessly at the touch of a button to prevent frost damage in winter.

Also possible as dropshipping

We offer the opportunity to offer our innovative product via dropshipping. Benefit from our stock and let us take care of the shipping and logistics. So you can concentrate on selling and delight your customers with our system. Contact us for more information about the dropshipping program.

How does the AES Basic work?

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Present our AES Basic in the best light. With our professional images, you can make your store appealing and impress your customers. Use our high-quality photos to showcase the product's potential and increase your sales.

The product
AES Basic...

An innovative solution for every RV owner

Most frequently asked questions

I drain my pipes with a balloon - why should I buy the system?

Very good, you have already recognized the problem of water remaining in the pipes and are trying to do something about it. The AES Basic is much more efficient, faster, simpler and more convenient than the balloon solution - at the touch of a button you can empty any water pipe super-fast without having to make any effort and you also upgrade your camping vehicle.

I have frost proof valves - so why do I need the AES Basic?

Great, of course that helps a little to reduce the risk of pipes freezing up. But water can still remain in the bends and turns of the water pipes, and in summer there is still a risk of germs growing, as no valve opens automatically. For your safety, it helps to use the AES Basic.

How much pressure does the system work with? Can it damage my water system?

Don't worry, we use compressors that operate in the 1.2 to 1.5 bar range, so that although the water is pressed out of the pipes, nothing happens to the connections, taps or even the boiler.

Can I retrofit the AES Basic myself?

Yes, of course - provided you are a little handy. You will receive instructions including an installation video to help you, so nothing should go wrong. And if you still have a question - we will of course help you at any time.

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Write us an e-mail: info@simplexaer.de

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